Guardians of the Galaxy

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Guardians of the Galaxy


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First Glance:

I actually didn’t hear about this movie until 30 minutes prior to actually watching it. Which makes me the worst Marvel fan that ever lived. I’m starting to believe I live under a rock. I just don’t understand, have I’ve been reading too many books that I’ve been lacking on my movie news? That’s probably it. No. I don’t think so. That being said I went into the theater thinking ‘I hope this isn’t stupid’ Because seriously that poster..

Realization hits:

What is wrong with me.

Leaving the theater:

Oh. My. That was pretty awesome. So it probably took me a good 10 minutes to realize that this was in fact a part of Marvel. Which  is quite a long time. The movie was spectacular, it had everything that embodies Marvel. It was funny, snarky, and completely badass. I really enjoyed Chris Pratt in playing the main character. I believe he did a wonderful job bring both the seriousness and funny that the movie was setting out to do. But for me it was more on the funny side.

The whole ensemble of the film was indeed the classic superhero story., and the theme of teamwork and trusting others was thrown in there very nicely. Watching this movie really was an emotional ride, at times I could be laughing then not even five minutes later they were making my eyes teary. I enjoyed all of the secondary characters’ subplots and I can’t wait to see more of them. I really enjoyed all of the characters and I think the way they all contributed to the story was perfect. All of the guardians strengths and weaknesses played together very cleverly.

I also thoroughly enjoyed all of the music that was put into the film, it gave it that realism. And sometimes took the seriousness out of a lot of parts, and reminded you that that the movie is just for fun. Because if they tried to make this movie too serious it would of failed.

Also, at first in the first credits at the start of the film when they had Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper names. I spent a good part trying to figure out who the hell they were playing. I had to look it up online when I got home. Bradley Cooper plays Rocket and Vin Diesel plays Groot. Which surprised me.


You can’t take this movie too serious, but it’s a very enjoyable ride. It’s actually one of my favorite movie that Marvel produced, and I really want to see more of it and the world that they built up. I just noticed this, I watched it the day it premiered. Before all of the record breaking hype came.

Have you watched GOTG yet? What was your opinion?


Top Ten | Favorite Movies and TV Shows

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature that The Broke and The Bookish hosts weekly. Giving themes for each week. And this week we’re talking about our favorite movies/tv shows.

1.  The Breakfast Club

This film is perfection. Enough said.

 photo hhh_zpsdb753638.gif

2. Pretty Little Liars

Yes, how typical of me. But this show is actually really good, and even though we went through a phase together. Where I spent a lot of time away from this show. It is still one of my favorite tv shows of all time. And no, I haven’t read the books. It just feels like such a daunting task to complete. Because there’s 15 of them. and my friend who have read the books, basically told me all the differences in the plot. that counts for something right?

3. Game of Thrones

Must I explain this? now, I feel ashamed. I haven’t read these books either. oops?

 photo tumblr_molgz185Et1spl78ko1_500_zps85d6996a.gif

4. Vikings

The filming and styling of this reminds me so much of Game of Thrones. I love anything that has THAT feel to it. And Vikings are so complex and I love seeing ‘how they were like’. It’s by the History channel, so it’s the closest I’ll ever get to seeing a real Viking.

5. A Tuscan Wedding

Okay, now this might need a little explaining. So you probably never heard of this movie which is fair. Because this is a dutch film that takes place in Tuscany, Italy. And no, I don’t speak Dutch. that is why subtitles were born After I watched this movie, I just felt happy. Like the happiness you get and just want to share it with everyone around, not caring if you’re annoying the hell out of them happy. Even though the concept wasn’t a 100% original, I thought it was a fantastic love story. And bonus the lead guy is smoking hot.

6. The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper. Is. The. Best. Watching this show, and actually understanding the jokes make me feel smarter.

 photo 2511_zps63a5981e.gif

7. Supernatural

I just started watching this show and I still have a long way to go to catch up. it’s going to take a while, they are 9 freaking seasons. But it is so good, I can’t even fully explain how good this show is. I was hooked on it within the first 10 minutes. And I probably made all my friends happy by watching it. They’ve been literally telling me to watch it for about a year now. Why I haven’t until now? I have no idea. But boy was I missing out.

8. The Originals

It’s funny how this got on the list and not Vampire Diaries. I mean it is a spin-off off of that show. that was a lot of ‘o’s and ‘f’s

9. Any superhero movie that stepped into existence.

I’m not kidding when I say all of them. They can be the worse put together superhero movie the world has ever seen. And it will still be loved by me. Even if I’m the only one loving it. It doesn’t even have to be actual superhero from comic books. Sky High was the movie that probably started my obsession. And that’s a Disney Channel movie.

 photo tumblr_n82kn57O9h1s2e2nwo1_500_zps60e3be55.gif

10. Pirates of Caribbean Series

When I was growing up, what do you mean growing up, you’re still growing up. these were my most anticipated releases of my life. I remember going to the theater to watch the first one and just falling in love with it. And waiting for them to release the next one. Then going to the theaters and the cycle repeats itself again. The cycle is still repeating itself. Not that I mind, I wish it will keep repeating for a very long time.

This was really fun to talk about. I’m such a tv and movic fanatic and I love talking about them. There some of my favorite things to talk about. And I just go on and on about it, but you probably have better things to do.

Any recommendations of what I should watch?

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Movie Talk | Mockingjay Part One Teasers

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Mockingjay Part One Teasers

mokcing jay cropped

photo credit: lionsgate

As everyone who is a fan of the hunger games all ready knows. Mockingjay will be coming out November 21st of this year. The trailers haven’t been released yet, but the promos are being released already. And boy are they fantastic. I’ve been hearing some mixed things on these promos, but I believe that the style of it is very true to the book and the movies. And it is already filling in the gaps, that we have regarding the capitol. We also get to understand why the people in the capitol don’t think anything in wrong with the other districts. In the first promo it focuses on President Snow and his speech, and then that the end when Peeta appeared. I kinda flipped even when I knew that was bound to happen

 photo giphy3_zps13d16bbd.gif

While the first promo was pretty awesome in my opinion at least the second promo was 10 times better. Now is where all the action is going to really take off. In the book, we were basically blinded to everything that was going on between the capitol and the rebels. Due to the fact that the book stayed in first person. So since movies are basically never first person, don’t kill me for saying this the movie might actually be better than the book. Since now we have a bigger playing field that they can explore, and the ability to add more to the story. Now I am beginning to see where they’re going with this movie, I am growing more accepting of it being split up into two parts. Because let’s be honest Mockingjay is the book in the series, that nothing ever happens. Until the end. But it looks like the director is going to give us a look into the capitol, at least during the time when Peeta and Johanna are there. Something that we don’t even get a glimpse of in the books. I’m really looking forward to it! Something I am furiously hoping for is that we get to see way more President Snow scenes, because I really enjoy his character in the books. And let’s be honest, Donald Sutherland is playing him so perfectly that I just want to see more of his acting.

But if they are going in that direction. We are going to see how Peeta and Johanna were treated in the capitol, something that I’m not looking forward to but am that the same time. Yes, it’s going to be heartbreaking but it’s just going to fuel the fire of my very strong dislike toward the capitol. While it also adds to the dystopian part of the world.

That’s all I have to say for now regarding the movie. And that I am really excited for it!

Watch promo 1 here and promo 2 here.

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