About Me

Hello, I’m Sa and this is my

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So, can you guess what I will be talking about here? Yup books, and among other things. So welcome and have a look around.

A quick round-up of me.

I’m seventeen years old currently living in Hawaii but I left my heart in Germany (I’ll go collect it one day). Sunshine state born and raised. Brazilian and Japanese by blood, I’m quite the melting pot.

My full name is Sayana but call me Sa.

The url is sayanasworld because the alternative would of been sasworld. Just no. But technically the blog name is Sa’s World.

I read all genres of books. But let’s be honest. YA is my everything.

I love books, TV, movies, superheros, books, night skies, books, Katy Perry, and books.

And some more books.

SO. yeah.

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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hold up…you’re 15?! Your blog is AMAZING, I’m super jealous. It’s totally my inspiration for building my new blog right now.


  2. Hey there, I thought I did say hi to my neighbour. ^-^
    I’m Kristy from Tea, Book & Me, and I love everything YA too!
    Coincidentally, we use the same theme! 😀 But yours is so much better!
    Keep being bookish & awesome! 😉



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