Slap me, I deserve it.

The last time, I posted on here was June 2015. Freaking June. I can’t even comprehend how that happened. Did I hibernate for half a year? Did I travel thru time?

But that’s not the worst part. This is the second time I’ve done this.

Second time. So as promised.


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Okay, we good?



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Okay. Good.

I can probably write out an endless list of excuses but I’m just going to leave it at: I got busy. I had to shift my focus on school and some extreme (well, in my opinion) life changes. I just finished up moving, to like the other side of the world. Germany to Hawaii, if you were curious. One change that happened was that I stopped blogging. And reading. It’s been utter hell. I don’t ever want to experience that again. Especially the not reading part. Thank the stars that’s over with now. Hopefully. NO. I will not let that happen again. (I’m going in circles.)

So to clarify, I am reading again. After a six month slump/hiatus/living hell.

And it has ever felt so good. I was able to rediscover my love for reading, which has been incredible. I sorted out all the things in my personal life and rediscovered my direction. The future doesn’t seem as daunting (at the moment at least, I will probably panic soon.)

There is just one more thing, I have to figure out. This blog. I’m coming back.

Please be patient with me. Last time I lost focus on this blog probably because I tried to do everything. Without really preparing that well. For a time it was worked. But it wasn’t something I could keep up with. So the game plan is to take things slowing. I’m shooting for at least once a week posting schedule. Slowing moving on to two or three posts a week. I also want to improve my content and my writing. So please bear with me, until I get my groove back.

I am going to make sure it works out this time. I love this blog, and talking about books. I don’t think I can ever just let go of it. So, I’m excited to be jumping back into things.


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