Intro to 2015

I’ve come to the realization that I’ve never introduced myself on here. And since it’s a start to a new year and hopefully a start to a regular blogging year for me.

So here goes nothing. I’m Sayana but I go by Sa. I’m a teenage girl living in a magical land called Germany. And no, I don’t speak German. Okay I know that sounds terrible and it’s quite embarrassing. But there is a reason I don’t speak German. I’m not from here or do I go to a German school. I go to an American school, and I’ve only been here for two years so my German is very limited. It’s still not an excuse but it’s better than nothing and besides German is hard! And it doesn’t help that I take French in school not German. That wasn’t my brightest choice.
Anyways I was born and raised in Disney World not really but at the same time yes. That’s what life in Orlando does. You only go to theme parks! Which I’m not complaining.
I love to read of course, and I love my tv shows and movies. Especially superhero movies.
I also do Track which I love.
Hmm.. what else?
Frankly I don’t even know. If you ever what to know more about me don’t be afraid to ask!

So on the part of where I’m actually going to talk about this new year! And all the goals I hopefully accomplish.

So as I mentioned in my last post, in 2015 I want to read 60 books, read bigger books and read some adult books. And somewhere along the line I’ve decided that I’m going to try out two challenges this year. Which might be a mistake but oh well I’ll try it anyways!

That two challenges are:
The Debut Author Challenge which I hope to read 12 books from new debut authors. This one is a huge stretch but I am praying that I’ll have enough will power to finish this one. And it doesn’t hurt that I’m excited by so many debut books!
The other one I’m taking a swing at is the Book Blog Organization Challenge. Okay so this is one that I need. Like badly. So when I saw this one, it was a no brainer. And out of these two I’m rooting for myself to keep on track with this one the most. And it’s only for the first six months out of the year!
Every month there will be a blog topic to work on throughout the month. Hopefully at the end I’ll have all my stuff in place. I already got started on making a blog calendar! Kinda super proud.

Sorry if this was a little scattered brained. Happy New Year to everyone! Hopefully we will all have a successful reading year.

Introduce yourself to me! I would love to have more interaction with you guys. Do any of you have goals in mind for this year? Taking part in any challenges?


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