Bye-bye 2014, Hello 2015

We are already at the end! 2014 for me was a year of rediscovery and finding new interests. In the start of the year, I picked up reading again. I was never a super avid reader but I enjoyed a novel here and there. So it surprised me to see, what one year can do to change my perspective on reading.
Since I’ve picked up my reading game, I’ve found something great. I discovered this community, which has allowed me to fall completely in love with books. And now it’s for better or for worse.

Now reflecting on the actual reading I’ve done in 2014. Well for starters, I completed my goodreads challenge! I read over 50 books this year! Which sounds insane, I went from probably reading 5 books last year to reading 50! Hopefully 2015 will be an even bigger year for me. I’m going to be setting my goals for 2015 to be 60 books. I want to read more books, but I also want to broaden my reading taste. So I’m making some personal goals for myself.I’ve noticed that the longest book I’ve read this year was only 500+ pages, so I made one of my goals, to reading bigger books, at least 600+ pages. Hopefully I’ll be able to complete 5 big books this year. Another goal I’m setting up for myself is to read 5 adult novels. Which is probably the real challenge, I’m not even sure I’ve read one adult novel this year or any year…
BUT, it’s all in the name of expanding my horizons. Hopefully I won’t die at the end.

Okay now on to the real feat. For 2015 I want to blog more. I want to take this little blog and make something out of it that I am proud of. And hopefully get to meet amazing readers on the way. I might have to start developing some sort of structure on here. Like blog at least twice a week, or actually figure out what the hell I want to ramble about on here. Which will take some time to sort out, but it WILL get sorted out.

So hopefully, something I said remotely made sense. And fingers crossed since I’m declaring it on here, all of my challenges will be done! How about for you guys any goals for the coming year? resolutions?