Music Buzz | August 20, 2014

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Music Buzz is a original feature that I’m testing out on my blog. This is where I’ll be talking about all the music that has been buzzing around in my head lately.

As of today this is what I have stuck in my head:

happy little pill Happy Little Pill
Artist: Troye Sivan

Thoughts: I think this song is brilliant. The beat been stuck in my head for weeks and I am loving his voice. It just has a cool relaxing sound to it. I’m not a fan of his YouTube so he is quite new to me. But I love him now, and I need to listen to the rest of his EP. I’ve been procrastinating because I don’t want to be disappointed.

1989 taylor swiftShake It off
Artist: Taylor Swift
Album: 1989

Thoughts: Okay so I’m a fairly new Taylor Swift fan. I’ve been a fan ever since her RED album, and all her music she did before that was always just okay for me. So I’ve never really had a song of her’s stuck in my head. But ever since I heard it on her livestream, the lyrics are on repeat. I’m starting to think I’m a broken record.

stars collabro Stars
Artist: Collabro
Album: Stars

Thoughts: Okay so this is the song that made me fall in love with Collabro when they were on Britain’s Got Talent. The way they sing this song is just so magical. I can listen to their beautiful voices over and over and not get tried of it. That’s actually pretty much with their whole Album. It’s was so worth the wait. They need to come to the USA iTunes store though, I need to buy it, and have it and love it forever.

What do you have stuck in your head?


Isla, Isla, Isla. A sorta review

Isla and the Happily Ever After


By: Stephanie Perkins

I’m actually not going to give you to much information on this book. Because if you haven’t heard of it, go read Anna and the French Kiss first then Lola. My thoughts on the first two here. Basically it’s one of the best contemporary books series thing I’ve read in a long time. They’re companion novels but read them in that order, Anna, Lola and then Isla. Don’t question it just do it.

I actually haven’t read these books that long ago, so I didn’t have to endure the pain of waiting years for this one. (But the wait was still painful) So when it arrived a week early, I was literally jumping up and down. I think I was just as excited to receive all the goodies also. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

yes I was so excited. I even took a picture

So now on to my thoughts on the book. Oh my. It was everything I was excepting and then some, if that is even possible. Although it might be the just finished reading high, I’m feeling right now but I don’t care. It was the best out of all of them. And yes, it does pain me to say that. It was just more emotional, raw and sexy. Much more sexy than the last two. I like sexy. Ohmygod

And Isla, I just understood her. More than I understood Anna or Lola. Which is super surprising because I am nothing like Isla at all. But for some unknown reason, I was able to connect with her. Being inside her head was nice. It wasn’t too over bearing, even though her emotions were all over the place. I’m probably not making sense.

Let’s move on to Josh. Oh Josh. Josh. Josh. Maybe I should title this post Josh, Josh, Josh. I was already smitten with Josh in Anna, so with having that background of already knowing him as a secondary character previously. It wasn’t that hard to fall for him. Like I’m pretty sure I was two pages in and I was a lost cause. But I loved Isla and Josh together. So much. That was one aspect that was different with this one was that, it wasn’t a story about how they got together but one of how they stayed together. It showed that not all relationships are butterflies and fairies all the time, and sometimes things can get better the second time around. I loved how their love for each other was formed quickly but it was strong. And sometimes wishes do come true. Because they were your fate or destiny or some other romantic word.

Stephanie really did out do herself with this one. For me it was perfect, and I can really see how she’s changed as a writer but is still very true to how her writing always has been. But this time around she was able to take me on a emotional roller coaster. I was crying for happiness and then sad tears and then happy tears. It was a long night. And right after I finished I just wanted to experience it all over again.

So now here I am coming with the terms that it’s over. This series is over, and I’m dying. Can we get like 50 extra pages? How about a 10 year down the line novella? Something? Meredith’s Story? Anything?

SIGH. I guess all I can do is keep rereading these books. I just can’t let go. I don’t really want to. All these characters are favorites of mine, I even remember the minor roles. All of these books are so remarkable. I think Stephanie ruined all other contemporary books for me, just because they’re not written by her.

Have you gotten your hands one it yet? Your thoughts? Are you excited to read this one if you haven”t before? I need someone to talk about this book with. It’s killing me.

Top Ten | To Read or Not to Read?

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature that The Broke and The Bookish hosts weekly.
This week is all about the books that you maybe want to read or maybe not. Basically asking is the book worth the hype?


So this is my list. They’re mostly series that I’ve been hearing a lot of things about, but never got around to. So you tell me To Read or Not To Read?


1. Under the Never Sky – I’ve seen this triology around for a while now, but I’m not sold on it yet.
2. The Darkest Minds – The third book is coming out soon, but is it worth starting the series?
3. Across the Universe – The covers are so beautiful.


4. The Girl of Fire and Thorns
5. Shadow and Bone
6. Daughter of Smoke and Bone


7. Angelfall
8. Sweet Evil
9. City of Bones
– I’ve actually read this one but it was a really long time ago. I’m not sure if I should re-read it and continue on with the series. I suck at completing series.


10. Mistborn Trilogy – Let’s be real the UK covers are everything.

Which one should I read first?  Any that I shouldn’t bother with? Link up your Top Ten I would love to read them.

Guardians of the Galaxy

movie review (1)

Guardians of the Galaxy


(source: marvel)


First Glance:

I actually didn’t hear about this movie until 30 minutes prior to actually watching it. Which makes me the worst Marvel fan that ever lived. I’m starting to believe I live under a rock. I just don’t understand, have I’ve been reading too many books that I’ve been lacking on my movie news? That’s probably it. No. I don’t think so. That being said I went into the theater thinking ‘I hope this isn’t stupid’ Because seriously that poster..

Realization hits:

What is wrong with me.

Leaving the theater:

Oh. My. That was pretty awesome. So it probably took me a good 10 minutes to realize that this was in fact a part of Marvel. Which  is quite a long time. The movie was spectacular, it had everything that embodies Marvel. It was funny, snarky, and completely badass. I really enjoyed Chris Pratt in playing the main character. I believe he did a wonderful job bring both the seriousness and funny that the movie was setting out to do. But for me it was more on the funny side.

The whole ensemble of the film was indeed the classic superhero story., and the theme of teamwork and trusting others was thrown in there very nicely. Watching this movie really was an emotional ride, at times I could be laughing then not even five minutes later they were making my eyes teary. I enjoyed all of the secondary characters’ subplots and I can’t wait to see more of them. I really enjoyed all of the characters and I think the way they all contributed to the story was perfect. All of the guardians strengths and weaknesses played together very cleverly.

I also thoroughly enjoyed all of the music that was put into the film, it gave it that realism. And sometimes took the seriousness out of a lot of parts, and reminded you that that the movie is just for fun. Because if they tried to make this movie too serious it would of failed.

Also, at first in the first credits at the start of the film when they had Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper names. I spent a good part trying to figure out who the hell they were playing. I had to look it up online when I got home. Bradley Cooper plays Rocket and Vin Diesel plays Groot. Which surprised me.


You can’t take this movie too serious, but it’s a very enjoyable ride. It’s actually one of my favorite movie that Marvel produced, and I really want to see more of it and the world that they built up. I just noticed this, I watched it the day it premiered. Before all of the record breaking hype came.

Have you watched GOTG yet? What was your opinion?

Waiting on Wednesday | The Infinite Seas

waiting on wednesday (1) .

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme host on Breaking the Spine.

The Infinite Seas By: Rick Yancey

  16131484   Book 2 in The 5th Wave trilogy

     The riveting follow-up to the New York Times bestselling The 5th Wave, hailed by Justin Cronin as    “wildly  entertaining.”

     How do you rid the Earth of seven billion humans? Rid the humans of their humanity.

Surviving the first four waves was nearly impossible. Now Cassie Sullivan finds herself in a new world, a world in which the     fundamental trust that binds us together is gone. As the 5th Wave rolls across the landscape, Cassie, Ben, and Ringer are forced to confront the Others’ ultimate goal: the extermination of the human race.

Cassie and her friends haven’t seen the depths to which the Others will sink, nor have the Others seen the heights to which humanity will rise, in the ultimate battle between life and death, hope and despair, love and hate.

Release date Sept. 16th, 2014
desc. from goodreads.



Why it needs to be here already:

Firstly, the release date got pushed back to the one it’s at now.  So, I could have already read it, but no. It got pushed back. But I’m perfectly fine with that, it’s building up the anticipation which I love. I absolutely loved the first one, and I can’t wait to dive into this one. The first one was the perfect mix of action, romance, and a little bit of mystery on what’s going on. It also set up this one well, and I am really intrigued in finding out more about this world, Cassie’s story, and what’s in store for everyone.

I’m literally counting down the days until it gets here.

What are you guys waiting for? Are you excited for The Infinite Seas?

Review | Perkins Style

perkins style

 A few weeks back I looked at Anna and the French Kiss, and asked myself  ‘why haven’t I read you?’ So I did the obvious and read it.  And Lola. It was the perfect time to read it with Isla right around the corner. Here were my thoughts. It’s quite a mess.

♥ Anna and the French Kiss ♥tumblr_n53am8apJ71tauis2o1_500


Where do I even begin? I can’t even explain my love for this book it was is perfection. I loved it from the first page, and as I got to know the characters my love just grew stronger. If that was even possible. I can’t believe I passed up on this book, just due to the hype. But I finally convinced myself to read it, and now I’m here cursing myself. ‘Like really Sa? This is like chocolate fudge in book form. You should be punished for your deed.’ I really do. I read this book in one sitting, because I couldn’t even convince myself to get up and do something. I just couldn’t get enough. By far the best contemporary I’ve ever read but I don’t really read that much contemporary. I think this book has gotten me into the genre more, and thank god. This is just me praising this book, and I don’t even care.

Stephanie Perkins’ writing style is so flawless when it comes to contemporary, she is truly gifted at writing them. I loved how she made it so honest and raw. It didn’t feel structured or planned out, more like the book was just going with the flow. That’s how a contemporary is done right.


I loved all of them. Yes, they all were very flawed and sometimes didn’t really think about their actions before acting but they felt so real. Sometimes I even felt like I was right at the lunch table with them talking. And that’s how it should be. This book reminded be why I love reading so much. To feel something, for the words to come off the page and transform in front of you into something beautiful. To get a greater sense on life, and learn though the mistakes of others. And to get those butterflies in your stomach when, the perfectly imperfect guy shows up.


He is amazing. Usually in stories where someone is already in a relationship it throws me completely off. But it was done so perfectly, that I really didn’t really mind it. It was a part of his character growth. And I really loved that it never turned into cheating, which is something that has to be taken seriously . He just had to realize what was the path he wanted.


I’ve never loved a main character quite as Anna. She is just so interesting and I would love to be her friend, even if it is just for a day. She learns a lot and her growth is slow but it’s the right speed. If the makes sense. Perkins made a beautiful main character.


I absolutely loved that the setting was in Paris. And Perkins got it so right. I live in Germany going to an American High school, and  I’m originally from Florida. So I totally got it what Anna was going through. The way Perkins described the feeling of Europe, and of Europeans is so spot on.. And it is truly not the same when you go back to the states. All the sudden you’re aware of all the differences, and how it’s not as beautiful. It is hard for me to go back to the states, so I totally understood where Anna was coming from. Especially with her friends in Atlanta, you forget that they have lives too. And it’s not stopping just because you’re not there.

Overall, I clearly loved this book to death. And it sold me on Stephanie. I am a true fan of hers now.


♥ Lola and the Boy Next Door ♥tumblr_n53am8apJ71tauis2o2_500

OH gawd. I also loved this book. But I  didn’t read this book as quickly as Anna but it was just as good. Before I read it, I saw some people saying how it was somewhat disappointing. But I really don’t see how. Yes, it was a whole lot different from Anna. And yes, it was taking a lot of risks. And yes the writing wasn’t better than Anna but it wasn’t worse either. You also have to remember Perkins actually wrote Lola first. So she had more experience with writing when she wrote Anna. But by the end everything came together so flawless, just like Anna.

Perkins is a genius. How she incorporated Anna and Etienne into Lola’s life, and how she’s setting it up for Isla. It’s just so perfect. I don’t know how she does it without it feeling too perfect and too set up. She just does.  And the romance was just as wonderful as always. I love how she was able to make you feel the growth within Lola. It felt like I was in her mind going through exactly what she was and was growing with her. For a writer to be able to do that, they must be pretty darn great at what they do.

Lola. Dolores. Lola. Oh, how you took forever. But I wouldn’t ask for anything otherwise. Or it wouldn’t of been as realistic and amazing.

Cricket. Oh boy, Cricket. I kinda went into this book expecting for him to be, some type of conceited asshole. Based on the first few chapters. But he was just the opposite. And okay I might love him more than Etienne. Just a little tiny bit. Etienne will still have a special place in my heart. Forever and Always. Cricket is just too kind and sweet, and the best person you could of probably meet. He’s so smart and he doesn’t even realize it. He is so extraordinary, that I couldn’t just help but fall in love with him. My only complaint is the there is not enough Cricket. I think I need a whole book just on him to make me happy. Like seriously it could just be of him walking in the park, and I’ll read it.

But Anna still edges out Lola because it didn’t make me want to throw the book at the wall. Which is what Lola did to me, but it was a good frustrating well as good as they can get. Overall, it’s another favorite of mine and still had icing like everywhere. That’s how I feel when reading these books. Like I’m eating icing. Bliss.


♥ Isla and the Happily Ever After ♥tumblr_n53am8apJ71tauis2o3_500

All that’s left to do is wait. I read the first 50 pages and I’m dying now. I’m not going to be able to handle it.

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I’m sorta taking part in a read-a-long.


Click image for more details. Image made by Meg.

I’m just following along with all the posts. Since I already finished both books. And I’m being very impatient for Isla.  So this will help fill the void until it’s here. It needs to already be here.

I can’t help myself, these banners are so gorgeous. Also made by Meg.


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