Movie Talk | Mockingjay Part One Teasers

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Mockingjay Part One Teasers

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As everyone who is a fan of the hunger games all ready knows. Mockingjay will be coming out November 21st of this year. The trailers haven’t been released yet, but the promos are being released already. And boy are they fantastic. I’ve been hearing some mixed things on these promos, but I believe that the style of it is very true to the book and the movies. And it is already filling in the gaps, that we have regarding the capitol. We also get to understand why the people in the capitol don’t think anything in wrong with the other districts. In the first promo it focuses on President Snow and his speech, and then that the end when Peeta appeared. I kinda flipped even when I knew that was bound to happen

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While the first promo was pretty awesome in my opinion at least the second promo was 10 times better. Now is where all the action is going to really take off. In the book, we were basically blinded to everything that was going on between the capitol and the rebels. Due to the fact that the book stayed in first person. So since movies are basically never first person, don’t kill me for saying this the movie might actually be better than the book. Since now we have a bigger playing field that they can explore, and the ability to add more to the story. Now I am beginning to see where they’re going with this movie, I am growing more accepting of it being split up into two parts. Because let’s be honest Mockingjay is the book in the series, that nothing ever happens. Until the end. But it looks like the director is going to give us a look into the capitol, at least during the time when Peeta and Johanna are there. Something that we don’t even get a glimpse of in the books. I’m really looking forward to it! Something I am furiously hoping for is that we get to see way more President Snow scenes, because I really enjoy his character in the books. And let’s be honest, Donald Sutherland is playing him so perfectly that I just want to see more of his acting.

But if they are going in that direction. We are going to see how Peeta and Johanna were treated in the capitol, something that I’m not looking forward to but am that the same time. Yes, it’s going to be heartbreaking but it’s just going to fuel the fire of my very strong dislike toward the capitol. While it also adds to the dystopian part of the world.

That’s all I have to say for now regarding the movie. And that I am really excited for it!

Watch promo 1 here and promo 2 here.

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