Dear Killer Review

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Dear Killer


Dear Killer follows a girl named Kit, and she is a killer. The title comes from the way she chooses her victims. Letters. People among the streets of Chelsea, leave letters in a safe place for the killer to find. She is the Prefect Killer. And she is a teenage girl. Growing up, Kit was taught everything her mom knew on the topic of killing. Her mom back in her day was once too a killer, but paranoia drove her to stop and create a prefect monster. With a dad who barely shows his face, but is very respected in his profession. No one suspects a thing.

This book was very thought provoking, and weird. I still am not sure what to think of all of this. The author does a great job trying to convince you that Kit is not doing anything wrong. Because that’s what Kit thinks, killing is not wrong nor right. But the problem I had with this book was that, there were scenes that were really gripping and action filled. And then the scene right after that dies. Like literally. They were so dull, that I had to scan through them. Due to that I couldn’t feel invested in the characters, at all.

My opinion of this book, is kinda neutral so I gave it 3 stars.

3 stars

Also, after reading this my mind was exhausted.

leave me to die photo 8017095_zpsdfb3c4aa.gif

Pretty much my reaction to this book.

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